Monthly Archives: April 2022

Stretham Community Hub update April -2022

The most recent update on the Stretham Community Hub is available.

The Parish Council is aware that the minutes of a confidential meeting with the County Council (who provided the £500,000 funding to support the project via a Grant Agreement) were leaked (not by anyone within the Parish Council) and is circulating on Social media with other misinformation. This interference in the proper operation of the Parish Council and the Stretham Community Hub project is the biggest risk to the success of the project and the funding so far secured.

The Council’s position is clear, and remains the same as detailed in the Newsletter, in Council meetings and on this website.

  1. The preferred site for the Stretham Community Hub has been selected. Reasons for the site location have been explained in the newsletter and on the website.
  2. The Council will continue to work within the Grant Agreement.
  3. The Council does not feel the need to convene additional open meetings or consultations at this time.
  4. The Council do not engage in discussions or carry out its business on social media.