Cambridgeshire County Council Transport Surveys

Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) are currently consulting members of the public who use local bus services and community transport, adult day care transport and home-to-school transport in Ely and the surrounding area (the Northern half of East Cambridgeshire District) about possible changes to these services as part of the County Council’s Total Transport pilot.

The County Council wants to find out which local bus and community transport services people currently use, how frequently they use them and what people think about possible changes to local bus services, for example opening up school transport to the general public.  This information will help to develop plans for the Total Transport Pilot project.

The aim of the Total Transport Pilot, one of 37 projects that are funded nationally by the Department for Transport, is to identify efficiencies and cost savings by integrating various forms of Council-funded transport. If the County Council doesn’t find savings this way they will need to consider cutting or reducing services.

The three user surveys for Total Transport are now live and will be available online until 25 January 2016.


Total Transport Survey of local bus and community transport users

This is a short survey to help CCC understand how the local community uses bus services and community transport. The County Council has less funding available, so it is important that you let them know what you think to help decide what local transport will look like in future.

Local Bus and Community Transport Survey

Total Transport Adult Day Care Survey

This survey asks for your views on possible changes to transport for adult day care which may affect how you or your relative travels to and from day care.

Day Centre Transport Survey

Total Transport Pilot Consultation with Parents and Carers

This short survey asks for your views on possible changes to home-to-school transport which may affect how your child travels to and from school in future.

School Transport Survey