Stretham Parish Council Land Update

[Last update 10-Aug-20]

Stretham Parish Council owns a number of pieces of land in the area and has just acquired another field. This is an update on the land owned by the Parish Council and the new field.

We own 3 fields in Little Thetford near Grunty Fen Road (west side of A10), currently let out for farming or grazing. These fields have been under our ownership for a very long time and provide a modest income to the Council.

We also own “Eleanor’s Field” on Wilburton Road which still has trees in the top end from when it was an orchard. This field was previously privately owned but was gifted to the Council a few years ago. We have looked at options to make this usable as a regular recreation area, but the location outside the village and the access are not ideal so we are considering turning this into a paddock.

We have just purchased a field (see map below) on the west side of the A10 Cambridge Road, 250m north of Stretham roundabout. If you cross the A10 on the path west from the Church, it will be uphill to your right. The field was listed at a recent auction and it was our unanimous view that this is an important opportunity to own a key piece of land very close to the village in a strategic location. In the next year, we are likely to lease the land for farming, with the intention of making it available for recreational use by the village after that. We consider the land as a long-term investment in a key location.

The purchase has been made using funds held in reserve and CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) funds.

At the August Parish Council meeting, the Council reviewed the land currently owned are all were in agreement that we would much prefer to keep ownership of the land if at all possible, but to ensure future tenancies would be no more than a year to allow us flexibility in future if required.

Map showing Eleanor’s Field (blue) and the new Cambridge Road field (red)

The Little Thetford fields are shown above. The one shown in red is used as a paddock, the others are farmed.