Public Participation


Members of the public are welcome to attend the whole or part of any meeting of the Parish Council. This open session provides an opportunity for members of the public to raise questions for future agendas, or make representation on items on the current agenda.

Should a matter of a confidential nature be included on the agenda of any meeting then members of the public will be asked to leave, whilst that item is being discussed.

Parish Council ordinary meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month (excluding August) at 7.00pm, in The Parish Rooms, High Street, Stretham.  You will be asked to sign-in on arrival.  It is useful to leave a contact address and/or email, should the need arise to formally send a response to you. The public participation session is clearly identified on the agenda and takes place immediately after the meeting has been convened.  If you wish to speak during the public participation session, please make yourself known to the Clerk immediately prior to the meeting.

The chairman will adjourn the meeting for 10 minutes and invite members of the public present to address the meeting.  The time for each member of the public to speak is limited to 3 minutes.  If more than one member of the public wishes to speak on the same topic, then they should nominate one person to speak on their behalf.  This will avoid duplication and make the best use of the public participation session.

Once the public participation session is finished, you may not participate further in any of the deliberations of the Council at that meeting. You are welcome to stay and listen to the debate that ensues.

All agendas and minutes of Parish Council Meetings are posted on the notice boards giving the required three clear days notice. They are also available via the Parish Council’s website.

If you are unable to attend a meeting but wish to make written representation, written statements must be received by the Clerk, at least 3 clear days (excludes weekends) prior to the meeting. 

Please Contact Us for more information.