Stretham Parish Rooms Hire Conditions



1.00  Contacts:
1.01 Bookings Secretary and Keyholder:  Mrs M Hutter
6 Top Street
Ely, Cambs
Tel: 01353 649917

1.02 Treasurer for all payments:   Mrs Kim Bolderson
21 Akeman Close
Ely, Cambs

Tel:  07507597368

Please make all cheques payable to

​Stretham Parish Council
1.03 Premises Licence Holder:   Mrs R Watts on behalf of Stretham Parish Council
2.00 General Conditions:
2.01 Stretham Parish Rooms hereinafter referred to as the premises, includes the building and surrounding curtilage, and is let by Stretham Parish Council (SPC).
2.02 Hire of the premises is deemed to be acceptance by the hirer of these conditions in their entirety.
2.03 The hirer shall immediately inform the Bookings Secretary should the premises or contents be found unclean or damaged on commencement of the hire period, in default of which any such deficiencies are the responsibility of the hirer.
2.04 The hirer shall leave the premises clean and tidy and in good repair before vacating, providing extra cleaning equipment or materials as necessary.  Extra toilet rolls are available in the servery cupboard.
2.05 The hirer shall reimburse SPC for the cost of repairing any damage caused by users or third parties during the hire period and for remedial work under Clauses 2.03 and
2.04 above.
2.06 The hirer shall not tamper with, damage or remove any equipment or property within the premises and shall take all due care with furniture and equipment. No fixtures shall be taken down or moved outside without the consent of SPC.
2.07 The hirer is responsible for the security of the premises, collecting and returning keys from and to the Bookings Secretary, and locking up. Keys are to be returned promptly after a daytime hire and by 8 a.m. on the following day for an evening hire.
2.08 The hirer shall be responsible for the safe conduct of users of the premises and SPC shall not be liable for any loss damage or injury to persons or property in or about the premises during or after the hire period.
2.09 The premises may not be sub-let except in accordance with Clause 3.06.
2.10 When premises are booked to midnight, they must be vacated promptly thereafter.
3.00 Bookings and Payment:
3.01 All bookings shall be made on the Application Form obtainable from the Bookings Secretary (from whom price and availability can be obtained) the form to be fully completed and signed by the hirer.
3.02 Full advance payment for the hire charge shall be made to the Treasurer 14 days before the hire except as provided for in Clause 3.04 below.   Hirers should note that heating is provided through prepayment coin meters (£1 coins) on the premises.
3.03 Additionally where required in the case of hires for dances, discos, evening parties, licensed bars and certain other events, full advance payment of a refundable deposit of £200 shall be made to the Treasurer before the event.  The deposit will be returned within 14 days of the hire less cost of any damage repairs, extra cleaning, etc.
3.04 Regular hirers may be invoiced on a monthly basis by prior arrangement with the Treasurer, otherwise hire charges are all payable in advance.
3.05 Bookings may be cancelled by SPC in exceptional circumstances, such as those occasioned by force majeure.  Additionally, in the case of serial bookings made for regular hire on fixed days for some time ahead, SPC reserves the right to withdraw availability on a specific day or days; in the latter case 28 days’ notice will be given if possible and in all cases every endeavour will be made to accommodate hirers and to facilitate re-booking.
3.06 Occasionally the premises are used for stage performances, and bookings may be cancelled for a period not exceeding two weeks during which time a stage will be in. Not less than one month’s notice will be given of the cancellation period; in this eventuality the displaced hirer will be given the name of the performing organisation and such hirer is free to negotiate terms of hire directly with that organisation having regard to the probable restricted accommodation.
3.07 Cancellations shall be notified to the Bookings Secretary not less than 14 days before the hire period.  Any credits or refunds after this time will be at the discretion of SPC.
4.0 Hire for Public Entertainments (this includes film shows, performances of music,
drama performances, and plays):

4.01 The hirer shall consult with the Licensee and shall comply with the terms of the Premises Licence including but not limited to the following clauses.
4.02 The hirer shall take on all the responsibilities of the Premises Licensee as the Licensee’s delegate, and shall be present for the entire period that the premises are open to the public.
4.03 The hirer shall appoint one Steward for an event to be attended solely by adults or two Stewards for events where the audience includes children under 14 years of age, and shall ensure that they understand their duties and that they wear the identification available on application from the Licensee whilst members of the public are present on the premises.
4.04 Chairs shall be clipped together in groups of not less than four and not more than twelve. Clips shall be removed before the premises are vacated. Clips are stored in the servery cupboard.
4.05 The hirer shall provide a qualified first-aider suitably identified for the entire time that members of the public are on the premises.
4.06 The hirer shall ensure that all scenery, props, curtains, wings, hangings, and other flammable items are rendered fireproof before the doors are opened to the public.
4.07 The hirer shall check that the emergency lights are working each time that the premises are opened to the public.
4.08 If smoke capsules, lasers or strobe lights are to be used the hirer shall first obtain the consent of the Environmental Health Officer of East Cambridgeshire District Council, having given at least seven days’ notice to the District Council.
4.09 Gangways shall be left with minimum 1.06 metres width leading to exit doors, when the audience is seated. Toilets or corridor shall not be obstructed nor their use changed.
4.10 The hirer shall not admit an audience in excess of 110 for public dancing or 110 if the audience is seated.
4.11 The premises shall not be used for public dancing, music, or entertainment outside the hours of 06.00 to 24.00. This is extended to 06.00-02.00 on New Years Eve only.
4.12 The stage lighting is available for use by prior arrangement with the Licensee, at an extra hourly cost (minimum 3-hours charged for any one day’s use).  Instruction in its use will be given, and the hirer is responsible for its safe operation and the safety and return of the control console to the Licensee, and for payment to the Treasurer for the charges.

5.00 Liquor Licensing and Bars open to the public:

5.01 All hirers shall be fully and solely responsible for compliance with all regulations, statutory or otherwise, during the period of the hire, including but not limited to those outlined above and those relating to the Licensing Act 2005, the terms of any Temporary Event Notice, the Food Safety Act 1990, and any other relevant legislation or regulation currently in force or which may be made.
5.02 Applications for Temporary Event Notices permitting sale of alcohol to the public must be made to East Cambridgeshire District Council, The Grange, Nutholt Lane, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 4PL; the Council request 28 days’ notice.
5.03 Applicants for Temporary Event Notices should be aware that we will only grant lettings for
single Temporary Event Notice functions, and not for a series of such lettings. Our
premises allocation of Temporary  Event Notices is limited, and bookings applications will be considered in rotation and not earlier than two months prior to the intended function.
5.04 The hirer shall take full responsibility for obtaining any necessary consents or licences (such as a Performing Rights Society Licence or Phonographic Performance licence) and for making any payments to third parties occasioned by or associated with events in the premises during the hire period.
Note: East Cambridgeshire District Council’s Conditions for Premises Licensing are available from the District Council, or from the Licensee, and are displayed in the Parish Rooms.

March 2013