Stretham Village Centre

Stretham Parish Council is planning a new Village Centre for the community.

Village Centre Update – December 2020

We have now engaged in discussions with architects for the project so that we can start the design process.

We are also progressing discussions on potential locations for the Village Centre and have started to narrow the options.

In addition to the Communities Capital Fund award, we are looking for other sources of funding to help finance the building.

Village Centre Update – November 2020

The Project Group responsible for the design and build of the Village Centre has now started work and has agreed Terms of Reference.

The Project Group has set out initial governance and financial processes. We are also working on the next level of project costings and considering additional funding options.

Immediate priorities are to progress discussions on suitable locations for the Village Centre and to engage architects for the project.

Village Centre Update – October 2020

At the Council meeting on 6th October, the Council agreed an initial action plan covering consultation with village groups, communications plans and fundraising.

The Council agreed to form 2 groups to progress the project :

  1. The Project Group will be responsible for the design and build of the Village Centre, including the contracts, legal, financial and project governance. It will regularly report to full Council on project progress.
  2. The Centre Management Committee will be responsible for the village engagement and the long-term success of the Village Centre after completion and will include representatives from village groups who will be active users of the Village Centre.

The 2 groups will work closely together to ensure that the Village Centre meets the needs of Stretham and that it is a long-term benefit to the community.

The Council also reviewed the potential sites for the Village Centre and provided guidance to the Project Group on the preferred locations and pros & cons of each. We will progress the options and aim to conclude an agreement for the site so that we can progress to designs.

For future communications, as well as the Newsletter updates, we intend to have a Facebook page and a section on the Website with information about the project.