Stretham Community Hub

Stretham Parish Council is planning a new Village Centre for the community.

Stretham Community Hub Update – Project Update for June 2022

In the Council meeting on 7th June, the Council unanimously agreed to proceed to a Planning Application for the Stretham Community Hub.

We expect to submit the planning application shortly. Documents submitted in support of the planning application will be available on this website for convenience, but the official set of documents will be available as with all planning applications on the ECDC Planning portal.

Stretham Community Hub Update – Project Update for April 2022

We are working with the Architects and Quantity Surveyors to refine the design and work out the likely building costs.

The initial pre-application discussion with the planning officer was very positive, and we discussed which surveys would be required for the full planning application. As a result, we have also commissioned the necessary surveys and continue to work towards the planning application.

We also had a catchup meeting with the County Council (who provided the £500,000 funding to support the project) to inform them of project Progress.

Once we have more detail on the build costs, we can develop the business case further, and as we approach planning application we will be able to approach some of the possible funding organisations.

Also see recent updates to the Frequently Asked Questions on topics including the site and possible impact on the Council Tax.

Village Centre Update – February 2022

From the recent consultation, the proposed name Stretham Community Hub got the most votes, so that is the working name of the of the new village centre.

Otherwise, we continue to work on the next steps as set out in the last newsletter.

We aware of deliberate misinformation being spread on social media about the village centre. Please refer to the website for details of the project as it progresses, including some of the frequently asked questions. In particular, we do not have a final cost for the building, final funding calculations or details of any possible impact to the precept. We are continuing to progress the project to the stage where we have these details and to move the project forwards so that we do not lose the funding already secured.

Village Centre Consultation – November 2021

Come and view updated designs, give us your feedback, and help to make the new Village Centre a success.

Tuesday 30th November at The Parish Rooms, High Street, Stretham.
Drop in any time between 4pm & 8pm

The updated designs are now available and you can have your say via the online form or at the above event.

We are aiming to design a Village Centre that benefits the whole village and is sustainable – both environmentally and financially. We look forward to hearing your ideas and helping us to achieve this.

The site at Plantation Gate is now confirmed and we are moving on to consider detailed designs in the location and how it relates to the neighbourhood. Feedback will be considered by the Parish Council and the architects before designs are finalised early next year.

Find out more on our website which will be updated as the project progresses.

Village Centre Update – July 2021

The Council has agreed to progress the Village Centre project through to planning permission, based on the Design Brief, the Plantation Gate location and the sketch plan provided by the Architects. The Village Centre Project Group will continue to report project progress to full Council meetings.

The Village Centre Project Group will be taking into account possible concerns of local residents, including access routes to the building and environmental concerns and will address these as the project progresses.

Manor Farm / Planation Gate proposal Benefits
  • Strengthens and supports the relationship with SWCLT
  • The location and design allows a good sized Village Centre, with a flexible building able to support a number of different functions
  • Potential costs reduction through building work synergies and site acquisition
  • Right next to planned location for the new Surgery, allowing sharing of car parking
  • Costs reduction through not requiring a caretaker flat


There is an alternative location option – the Recreation Ground – but this location does not have the benefits of the Plantation Gate site and has a number of issues :

  • The site would occupy a large part (around a third) of the Recreation Ground, including at least one of the current football pitches with a big reduction of the public green space
  • Disruption during building work
  • No synergy with other buildings (e.g. surgery, work units) and building work
  • Traffic and parking issues along Short Road

Next Steps

  • Meeting with SWCLT to discuss/agree Heads of Terms – planned for July
    • Followed by final Agreement on land
  • Meeting with Laragh homes to discuss/agree Heads of Terms
    • Followed by Agreement Project management and initial view on costs
  • Regular communications out to Stretham via Website and Newsletter
  • Pre-planning meeting with ECDC
  • Architects to progress designs to detailed stage
  • Initial meeting of Village Centre Management Committee
    • This is the group responsible for running of the Village Centre after opening
  • Preparation for Planning Permission

Target Project Timings :

  • Planning permission    Oct 2021
  • Building Work                Jan 2022 – Dec 2022

Village Centre Update – December 2020

We have now engaged in discussions with architects for the project so that we can start the design process.

We are also progressing discussions on potential locations for the Village Centre and have started to narrow the options.

In addition to the Communities Capital Fund award, we are looking for other sources of funding to help finance the building.

Village Centre Update – November 2020

The Project Group responsible for the design and build of the Village Centre has now started work and has agreed Terms of Reference.

The Project Group has set out initial governance and financial processes. We are also working on the next level of project costings and considering additional funding options.

Immediate priorities are to progress discussions on suitable locations for the Village Centre and to engage architects for the project.

Village Centre Update – October 2020

At the Council meeting on 6th October, the Council agreed an initial action plan covering consultation with village groups, communications plans and fundraising.

The Council agreed to form 2 groups to progress the project :

  1. The Project Group will be responsible for the design and build of the Village Centre, including the contracts, legal, financial and project governance. It will regularly report to full Council on project progress.
  2. The Centre Management Committee will be responsible for the village engagement and the long-term success of the Village Centre after completion and will include representatives from village groups who will be active users of the Village Centre.

The 2 groups will work closely together to ensure that the Village Centre meets the needs of Stretham and that it is a long-term benefit to the community.

The Council also reviewed the potential sites for the Village Centre and provided guidance to the Project Group on the preferred locations and pros & cons of each. We will progress the options and aim to conclude an agreement for the site so that we can progress to designs.

For future communications, as well as the Newsletter updates, we intend to have a Facebook page and a section on the Website with information about the project.